For the 4th consecutive year, the Museum of Fairground Arts  invites you to enter the dream world of 26 December 2013 to  5 January 2014 .  


Nestled in the heart of the Bercy district of Paris, this unique place receives more than 200,000 people annually through receptions as well as individual and group visits. Its creator, Jean-Paul Favand, gathered over 35 years thousands of rare objects: old fairground pieces, objects of show (theater, music hall) and curiosities.


Shows every 30 minutes, rides and other games, auto shows,

In the museum you will find 4 places dedicated to the performing arts:

The Fairground :  Covering an area of 1800 m2 with attractions, rides and games of 1900s.Carousel bicycles and wooden horses are open to you at your leisure.

– The Theatre of wonderful :  From 1800 m2 also discover a palace of illusion and dreams with video show. A sort of mix between the real and the virtual to make you live an unusual experience.

– The Venetians rooms :  About 800 m2, find rides, fairground attractions and entertainment automata on arias immersing yourself in a baroque universe Fellini and timeless.

And a preview of the new show “Venice the Serenissima” , at the forefront of technology, invites you to travel in Venice sublimated.

– Theatre de Verdure :  A great and extraordinary modular garden